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Are you an aspiring business start up or prominent business person? Clubview Business Medics offers registration services (company name, tax, PPADB etc), mentoring, business plans, consultancy, research, and branding/growth strategies etc!




General Services

1. Registration and/or membership with our "Businesses Club" @ P50 (once off for life time) and P250 membership (per annum with loads of benefits).

2. PPADB registration @ P650 per company.

3. Business plans @ P1000

4. Promotion/marketing of your products and services (from as little as P200.)

5. Business packages (Business idea and/or Business plan and/or Company registration (or shelf company) + Company Tax registration and Clearance Certificate + Bank Account + other legalities (from P3,500 to P5,000 full package.)




1. Training

2. website Development

3. Tourism Organisations

4. General Business




If you want to register for business, propose for business funding, sell, market, research, distribute; buy, exchange, or need any general information on anything and everything (for free!): CLUBVIEW BUSINESS MEDICS connects, provides, and facilitates.

Call 71317266, 72118244, or 3932970

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